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Goose Game (video credits)


Sparkle in Grey are now working on a real video of Goose Game (from "A Quiet Place").

Most of the images you see here in this website are taken from it... stay tuned for further infos. At the same time, you may enjoy the Goose Game video draft here.

Screenplay: Cristiano Lupo

Additional screenplay: Matteo Uggeri, Gaia Margutti, Stefano De Ponti

Direction: Andrea Scurati, Matteo Uggeri, Stefano De Ponti

Drawings: Matteo Uggeri and Roberta Casini

Colours: Roberta Casini

Consulting: Franz Krostopovic

Animations: Andrea Scurati

Scans: Roberto Uggeri

Music: of course Sparkle in Grey...
Cristiano Lupo (drums and guitars), Alberto Carozzi (bass), Franz Krostopovic (additional unheard violin), Matteo Uggeri (laptop, samples) plus the special guest Deborah Arnold (speeches).