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Sparkle in Grey began its musical activity as a solo electronic music project in 1999.
Since 2005 it has developed to a 4-member band devoted to a sort of electronic and eclectic post-rock.

The world eclectic is related to the fact that they like to change from one genre to another, often collaborating with artists of various kinds.

The core of the band is: Matteo Uggeri, Cristiano Lupo, Alberto Carozzi and Franz Krostopovic.
Many other musicians have collaborated with them, including the Italian maestro of industrial music Maurzio Bianchi/MB or - for instance - and on the opposite ends Simone Riva (ex-drummer of Italian pop singer Alex Baroni).

Sparkle in Grey’s instrumentation includes violin, bass, laptop, guitar, bagpipes, piano, polyrhythmic drums, melodica, field recordings, harsh noises and a bicycle. They cross many styles, from Industrial to electronic to Ukrainian traditional folk music to post-combat rock. One of their latest record, Thursday Evening, is an Italian-Swiss production, recorded by Andrea Serrapiglio (better known as a cellist for Carla Bozulich, Scott McCloud and Zu 93). One of the songs was featured on The Wire Tapper #32.
Another one from their first album, A Quiet Place, was chosen as soundtrack to a fashion ad for Alviero Martini.

teo cris al franz
Matteo Uggeri Cristiano Lupo Alberto Carozzi Franz Krostopovic
laptop, trumpet, mixing, toys... and all the drawings and graphics guitar, drums, bass, glockenspiel, sax... keyboards from time to time and more. bass, electric guitar, bagpipes, acoustic guitars, ukelele, melodica... violin, piano... and potentially everything.


...but the people that collaborated are more:

Simone Riva: 7/9 drums
Giuspeppe Ielasi: mixing, mastering, recordings.
Cristiano Santini (Disciplinatha): recordings.
Bernardo Carvalho: illustrations of "Brahim Izdag" (and this website too now)
Controlled Bleeding: split "Perversions of the aging Savant"
Jeremy Postma: illustrations of "Perversions of th Aging Savant"
Yan Jun: vocals in "Grey Riot"
Osvaldo Arioldi Schwartz (Officine Schwartz): biaciarpa e tubicordo in "Songs for Clair Patterson"
Alessandro Pipino (radiodervish): musical saw in "The Calendar"
Maurizio Bianchi: split on "Nefelodhis"
Andrea Serrapiglio: cello, recordings, mixing, mastering.
Tex La Homa (Matt Shaw): split on "Whale Heart"
Matt Bower: proof reads
Milena Montalbano: translation consultant
Lucija Krostopovic: piano
Deborah Arnold: speeches, vocals
Michela Uggeri: almighty management assistance
Alessandro De Nito: piano
Luca Sigurtà: analogic noises, consultant
Andrea Scurati: video animations
Stefano De Ponti: guitar, videos
Letizia Sechi: clarinet
Paolo Cantù (Uncode Duello, A Short Apnea): clarinet someday
Francesco Giordani (Pulp-Ito): accordeon
Vanessa Plume: handwriting
Roberta Casini: drowing, colouring, cartoon consultant
Roberto Uggeri: SIAE consultant, scanning
Aunt Thelma: handwriting
Daniele Albricci (also in Der Einzige): videos
Alessio Carlini (Pulp-Ito): live bass session man
Giuseppe Cordaro (con_cetta): live laptop session man
Paolo Monari: live guitar solos session man
Gaia Margutti: words, wiseness, video and graphic consulting